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California State University, Fullerton professor Carol Kimbrough shares her story as part of the Saysay Project.

The SAYSAY Project is a community-sourced documentation project by FilAm ARTS to capture the myriad of experiences in the Filipino diaspora through story telling.
“Saysay” (pronounced sigh-sigh) is a Tagalog word that has a double meaning: to have intrinsic value and to declare. This project aims to engage the community to tell their stories, and to document and preserve
these shared stories for future generations.
The purpose of the project is two-fold:
1) To highlight the contributions of Filipinos to U.S. life and culture – from the early waves of migration: labor workers in agriculture, fisheries, and people in military service; to professionals i.e. as nurses, teachers, doctors, accountants, and others.
2) To connect these stories of American experience to the stories in the Philippine